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Chinese medical team provides clinical service to Ghanaian workers

Source: Xinhua | 2023-06-23
Chinese medical team provides clinical service to Ghanaian workers

ACCRA, June 22 (Xinhua) -- The 12th batch of the Chinese medical team in Ghana on Thursday provided free clinical service to more than 500 Ghanaian workers and dozens of Chinese workers in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The beneficiaries are employees of China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group, a state-owned company that has undertaken major road and bridge projects in Ghana for almost 20 years.

Du Yushan, chief of the team, told Xinhua he was excited that the team was offering its services to so many Ghanaian workers.

"We hope to use our skills to help the Ghanaian workers to achieve better health," Du said. "We have brought medicines to the workers here, and our doctors will also give health advice to the Ghanaian workers as specialists."

Du added that the team planned to hold four more such medical service activities in local communities during its one-year stay in the country.

Samuel Idan, a Ghanaian geodetic engineer with the company, lauded the Chinese doctors for prioritizing the health of Ghanaians. "We are happy to have this encounter. It is not the first time, and we are so grateful."

Idan also praised the professionalism with which the Chinese medical team treated the workers, both Chinese and Ghanaian.

The team, which comprises 11 members, is from southern China's Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital and embarked on their service here in March.