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Huawei launches 'Women In Tech 2023' initiative for Bangladeshi women

Source: Xinhua | 2023-06-12
Huawei launches 'Women In Tech 2023' initiative for Bangladeshi women

DHAKA, June 12 (Xinhua) -- Huawei South Asia has launched its "Women In Tech 2023" project for Bangladeshi women in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The project was initiated at a ceremony in the capital Dhaka on Saturday, aiming to develop local information and communications technology (ICT) talents, enable knowledge sharing among females, and promote gender equality in science and technology.

"Our labor market participation of women has increased. But we have to go further," Bangladeshi Education Minister Dipu Moni said, commending Huawei's efforts in pushing forward the initiative, adding that "in this era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we cannot afford to lag behind."

Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Yao Wen said during the ceremony that Bangladesh boasts abundant human resources, wherein the participation of women is indispensable.

The various training programs held by Huawei in Bangladesh contributed to the building of a Smart Bangladesh, while demonstrating the commitment of Chinese companies in fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities, Yao said.

President of Huawei South Asia and CEO of Huawei Bangladesh Pan Junfeng said empowering women and increasing their visibility will open up a whole world of new possibilities, bringing in new technological and commercial advancements for the country.

"With our 'Women In Tech' initiative, we are very happy to create another opportunity toward this achievement for this community," said the CEO.

The "Women In Tech" project was started in 2020 globally, and this year, Huawei has brought the tech competition to Bangladesh for the first time. Current science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) female students of universities and those who graduated in the last two years are eligible to participate.

Huawei has been constantly working toward developing ICT talents through numerous unique initiatives, such as Seeds for the Future and ICT Incubator, and increasing women's participation in the ICT sector.