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China's standard of pavement construction technology formally implemented in Bangladesh

Source: Xinhua | 2023-05-18
China's standard of pavement construction technology formally implemented in Bangladesh

DHAKA, May 18 (Xinhua) -- With the construction of a trial section of the base layer for the first fully closed highway in Bangladesh on Tuesday, China's standard of pavement construction technology was formally implemented in

The section of cement-stabilized gravel base layer is 200 m in length, 10.3 m in width and 20 cm in thickness. A unique semi-rigid pavement technology has been developed according to local conditions to ensure the quality and technical performance of highway construction, as well as reduce cost and realize energy-saving, emission reduction and ecological environmental protection, said the Dhaka Bypass Expressway Project.

"We have conducted tests of flatness, elevation, transverse slope, loose paving coefficient and other indicators of the trial section, and found all indicators are in line with the specifications and design requirements," project manager Yang Jian told Xinhua.

"This is the first time that the Chinese technology of semi-rigid pavement has been implemented in Bangladesh, and the completion marks that the project officially entered the pavement construction stage," Xiao Zhiming, director and CEO of Dhaka Bypass Expressway Development Company Limited, said.

Dhaka Bypass Expressway Project, with a total investment of 412 million U.S. dollars and a total length of about 48.1 km, is jointly invested and executed by Sichuan Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. of China Shudao Investment Group together with local enterprises.

It is an important traffic artery connecting the capital city Dhaka to the Chittagong region in Southeast Bangladesh. It will effectively divert traffic flow around Dhaka City, reduce traffic pressure, stimulate the employment of local residents and promote rapid economic development.