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Huawei holds tech exchange meeting in Kuwait to promote cooperation

Source: Xinhua | 2022-09-07
Huawei holds tech exchange meeting in Kuwait to promote cooperation

KUWAIT CITY, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Chinese tech firm Huawei on Tuesday held an alumni meeting for its information and communication technology (ICT) training program to enhance skills of Kuwaiti young talents and promote sci-tech exchange between the two countries.

During the event, participants of the 2022 "Seeds for the Future" training program presented their projects, with the top three students winning awards for their innovations.

Chinese Ambassador to Kuwait Zhang Jianwei said in the opening remarks that China will remain committed to providing more cooperation opportunities in the technology domain.

"We will continue actively promoting the synergy between China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and Kuwait's Vision 2035, especially in technology collaboration between the two countries," the diplomat said, adding that China-Kuwait cooperation requires skilled ICT talents such as the alumni from Seeds for the Future.

Bassam AlFeeli, director of Innovation and Enterprise at Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, told the event that Kuwait values the contribution of companies like Huawei in training a large number of students in ICT.

"Nurturing enough qualified youth to support the digital transformation goals of Kuwait's Vision 2035 requires an accelerated talent development program to match," AlFeeli said.

Launched in 2008, the program aims to develop skilled local ICT talents and bridge communication between countries and cultures.