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Chinese, Russian universities hold virtual meeting on coopereation

Source: Xinhua | 2021-12-03

BEIJING, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) -- The heads of Peking University and Moscow State University have expressed their willingness to strengthen educational cooperation and joint research between the two institutions.

Hao Ping, president of Peking University, said at a virtual meeting on Thursday that cooperation between the two universities has been growing closer despite the severe challenges brought by COVID-19.

"We should unite even more closely," Hao said, noting that cooperation between the two universities has yielded fruitful results in various fields such as basic research, key projects, people-to-people exchanges, and talent training.

Victor Sadovnichy, rector of Moscow State University, said that, over the past 30 years, cooperation between the two universities has become more in-depth, with nearly 100 cooperation agreements signed.

"As China-Russia relations deepen, our cooperation has also opened a new chapter," said Sadovnichy, adding that the two universities should further enhance cooperation, consolidate friendship, and promote the progress of human civilization.

The strategic cooperation of the two universities in the future includes projects such as the China-Russia mathematics center, joint research in the fields of Earth studies and ecology, and the construction of a Confucius Institute, according to the meeting.