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Chinese market a world market, a shared market, a market for all

Source: China Daily | 2020-11-05

Photo taken on Nov 2, 2020 shows the exterior of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), the main venue of the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE), in east China's Shanghai. [Photo/Xinhua]

This is an editorial from China Daily.

The third China International Import Expo, which opened in Shanghai on Wednesday, sends an unmistakable signal that the country will continue to open its door wider to the outside world.

It is worth noting that thanks to arduous efforts the expo is being held as scheduled at a time when the novel coronavirus is still raging in many parts of the world, adding to the global instability and uncertainty. Beijing knows that confidence is essential to overcome any difficulties, and the expo showcases to the world the country's huge demand and unparalleled market opportunities.

In his speech delivered by video at the opening of the expo, President Xi Jinping said that all the opening-up measures he announced at last year's expo had been implemented to the full, and noted that the expo has become an international public good.

The enthusiasm shown by global exhibitors and participants toward the event reflects their confidence in the country's economic future and eagerness to explore its vast economic potential, which has been heightened by global impacts of the pandemic.

President Xi once compared the Chinese economy to an ocean that will be able to survive "big winds and storms", and the rapid recovery of the Chinese economy after it was put in suspended animation has testified to the truth of this.

Thanks to its effective epidemic prevention and control measures, China's economy has been gradually recovering from the novel coronavirus onslaught, with the International Monetary Fund forecasting last month that China will be the only major economy to achieve positive growth this year.

This will undoubtedly boost the global economic recovery given that China contributes more than 30 percent to global economic growth. The good performance it has staged will further cement China's position as a champion of economic globalization and free trade.

Although China has entered a new development stage prioritizing its vast domestic market that does not mean the country will close its door to the outside world. Xi promised it will continue to share its development dividends, and the Chinese market will become a market for the world, a shared market and market accessible to all.

But as he said, all countries should play their part and commit to mutual opening up for shared benefits. Reiterating his call from last year, that countries join hands, he urged countries not to throw punches at others or curse them with dirty words.

In their participation in the expo, companies from around the world are standing together at this difficult time to show their commitment to openness and cooperation. Countries too should demonstrate trust in one another and stand together with courage and confidence.