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Chinese communities in New Zealand rally to help motherland fight novel coronavirus

Source: Xinhua | 2020-02-12

WELLINGTON, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese community in New Zealand is rallying to help fight against the novel coronavirus in China, community leaders told Xinhua on Tuesday.

With tens of thousands of New Zealand dollars raised, medical suppliers such as face masks, gloves and decontamination suits ready to be sent to frontline hospitals and volunteers gathering to help those affected by the outbreak, the Chinese community in New Zealand is rallying to help motherland fight against the novel coronavirus.

Rao Jinsheng, president of New Zealand Chinese Culture and Arts Exchange Centre, told Xinhua on Tuesday that they have packed ready 2,400 medical-standard masks, 8,000 general-standard masks, 450 medical goggles and 1,000 protective suits.

These medical supplies donated by New Zealand Chinese Culture and Arts Exchange Centre and New Zealand Culture and Art Foundation will be sent to frontline hospitals in central China's Hubei Province, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, as soon as possible.

"The novel coronavirus outbreak concerns every overseas Chinese. We are working in our way to help fight the virus. Together, we will win this fight," said Rao.

Rao is not alone. Many other overseas Chinese in New Zealand are doing the same thing.

Chen Zhi, vice chairman of Chao Shan General Association of New Zealand, said the association has already raised more than 70,000 New Zealand dollars (about 44,737 U.S. dollars) and 34,000 Chinese yuan (about 4,873 dollars). With the funding, they have purchased N95 medical-standard masks, disposable masks and protective suits in New Zealand.

"5,280 N95 masks, 100,000 disposable masks along with a batch of hand soap have already been airlifted to hospitals in China for use," said Chen.

Efforts are also being made to help Chinese students who have recently arrived in New Zealand. As they need to be quarantined for up to two weeks, the association is offering free meals and other assistance to those in need.

"We are grateful to our community members who donated their money and time in fighting against the virus outbreak. Solidarity among New Zealand Chinese is essential in our joint effort to help our motherland," said Chen.

Besides the Chinese communities, New Zealand people have also provided support for China.

Milk New Zealand Diary Ltd donated 2,000 cases of dairy products and 1,000 cases of natural spring water to the Chinese medical personnel battling the novel coronavirus.

New Zealand farmers hope the Chinese people can win the fight against the epidemic, the company said.

Across New Zealand, online fundraising pages, medical supplies donation campaigns, and even art auctions are being staged by the Chinese communities to give their support in every possible way.

Zong Yuan, director of Ai (Auckland International) Gallery, organized the "Art against virus; Love without boundaries" online art show and auction in New Zealand to call for support for the anti-virus fight.

"Art is what you could encourage people and promote people's confidence and pursuit for a better life. It reinforces the fact that New Zealand Chinese are standing alongside our brothers and sisters back in China in the fight," said Zong.